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Liam Gallagher says bacon sandwich demands forced Jamie Oliver to move house

By | Published on Monday 23 September 2019

Liam Gallagher

Imagine if Liam Gallagher came drunkenly begging for food outside your house so often that you moved house just to avoid the awkwardness. Unless you’re Jamie Oliver, in which case you don’t have to imagine, because that actually happened. Or Liam Gallagher reckons it actually happened, anyway.

Apparently Oliver and his family used to live opposite a pub that Gallagher liked to frequent. “On the way home, we’d be going, ‘He’s got some scran in there'”, Gallagher has told Jonathan Ross on his ITV chat show. “He’d come to his window and be going, ‘Liam, stop fucking about, I’m getting the kids to bed’. I’m going, ‘Just chuck us down a couple of bacon sarnies!’ And then he moves”.

“The thing is he’s moved to where I live now as well”, he added, in a final twist. Although, Gallagher hasn’t carried on demanding late night bacon sarnies at Oliver’s new abode. Maybe he’s found another celebrity chef to hassle on his walk home.

“I am a bit of a twat”, Gallagher conceded. “Funny though, innit? I don’t wish them any harm”.