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Libertines reunion the defining moment of festival seasons 2010, apparently

By | Published on Tuesday 14 September 2010

The extensive research I did about The Libertines’s reunion at the Reading and Leeds festivals last month (I surveyed seven whole people) discovered universal disappointment, but none of the people I spoke to, seemingly, then went online to fill out the festival poll on

According to a poll of about 4000 of the music weekly’s readers, the reunion of Doherty and Barat on stage was the “defining moment” of the 2010 festival season. And before you think, “well they were all clearly high”, apparently not. 73% of those festival-goers surveyed said they didn’t take any drugs at this summer’s music events. Though they were probably all pissed or mashed up on sugar and caffeine.

Of those 27% on the drugs, cannabis was, predictably the most used narcotic, followed by ecstasy, MDMA and methadrone, though that’s if you don’t count so called “legal highs” in the count, which you really should. I mean, I read somewhere (was it the Daily Mail?) that they’re very very risky and should all be banned. Especially spinning round in a circle. It’s basically the end of civilisation as we know it.

Perhaps aided by the aforementioned Libertines love, Reading and Leeds were named Best Festival by those surveyed, despite Guns N Roses’ disastrous headline sets being declared the “letdown of the summer”. Camden Crawl was the most rated small festival, The Libertines’ ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ was the anthem of the seasons and The Strokes were the band everyone wants to see headlining events next year.

They don’t half conform to their stereotype these NME readers, do they? Next they’ll be demanding an Oasis reunion next summer. Oh look, they did.