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Line-up confirmed for CMU Insights @ Canadian Music Week

By | Published on Wednesday 12 April 2017

CMU @ CMW 2017

The full line-up has been announced for the CMU Insights session at Canadian Music Week next week, which is called ‘The Creators’ Guide To Digital Dollars’. Over three hours, the session will explain how digital licensing works, while putting the spotlight on some of the key issues with the streaming business.

New to the line up are three interviewees, each of whom will discuss one of the issues with CMU MD and Business Editor Chris Cooke. Vickie Nauman from CrossBorderWorks will discuss the challenge of converting more freemium users into paying subscribers; Georges Tremblay from Believe will discuss how artists and labels can ensure sustained listening of their music; and Tomas Ericsson from AMRA will explain why good data holds the key to the accurate and efficient payment of streaming royalties.

The session will conclude with a debate about the big transparency issues that artists and managers are increasingly campaigning about. We will review the work MMF UK is now doing to get more clarity about the industry’s streaming deals for British music creatives, while artist managers Graham Stairs and Jake Gold, and entertainment lawyer Angelika Heim, will discuss the transparency problem from a Canadian perspective.

Read this five point guide to what CMU@CMW will be covering here, and check out the schedule of the session here. ‘The Creators’ Guide To Digital Dollars’ takes place on day three of the Canadian Music Week conference, on Friday 21 Apr, from 10.00am-1.00pm, in Sheraton Hall C.