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Live Nation considering US electro events

By | Published on Monday 23 May 2011

Live Nation

According to reports, Live Nation in the US has launched a new division to focus on dance music events stateside, which are reportedly doing rather well at the moment.

Although there have always been some festivals dedicated to electronic music in the US, Miami’s Ultra Festival comes to mind, major dance music events have never taken off in North America in quite the way they did in Europe and the Southern hemisphere. But, according to Digital Music News, live music giant Live Nation reckons this could be a big growth area, so much so they are setting up a new department to look into developing such festivals, which has been dubbed internally Electronic Nation.

Live Nation, of course, has seen ticket sales to its major rock and pop tours slide in the last eighteen months, though the live music giant has seen a little albeit inconsistent growth in ticket sales again in recent months.