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Lorde deigns to explain Diplo diss

By | Published on Thursday 20 November 2014


Lordly popstar Lorde has clarified why it was that she dissed her friend and ‘Hunger Games’ score collaborator Diplo (and his “tiny penis”) for all to read and retweet on Twitter.

Logistically speaking, by the way, it was a means of chiding Diplo after he tweeted a link to a man’s ‘charitable’ [read: demeaning] campaign to ‘get Taylor Swift a booty’.

Having since ostensibly made peace (if only on Twitter) with Diplo, a Hong Kong-based Lorde has told The Fader what exactly drove her to ‘belittle’ the producer – real name Thomas Wesley Pentz – in this way.

She says: “I think often I say things and realise that Americans hear what I say differently to how I hear it. I love Wes and he’s a big brother to me and one of my first friends in the industry, and part of having a friendship with someone like that is not letting them say stupid shit. Taylor’s my friend as well, and I’m a girl, and if I see some weird body-shaming on my feed I’m going to be like, ‘Hey man…’ [But] we do still love each other, hopefully”.

Asked if she’d always had that same confidence to ‘call people out’, Lorde added: “I wasn’t always that type of person. I’ve been notoriously quiet my whole life, so it wasn’t until I started to be able to run a board meeting and direct people in the way I wanted things to go that I gained confidence as a leader. As a businessperson, I got confident in saying, ‘Hey, this is whack'”.

I’m rashly translating that last bit as Lorde directly saying that Diplo is whack. Because Diplo is pretty whack; if not all the time, then at least at the time of the Taylor Swift tweet, and in this Instagram photo, in which he’s wearing sunglasses, at sea, at night. And playing a white grand piano. And ignoring his friends. And all the other ways in which it is whack. In fact, let’s play a game of how many whack things we can spot in this photo/caption Diplo posted to Instagram. GO.