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Lordi to release seven albums (all at once) in 2021

By | Published on Wednesday 7 April 2021


Some artists used lockdown as a chance to knuckle down and record a new album. How very productive. Some artists even managed two new albums while touring was not an option. But now even they look a bit lazy, because Finnish hard rock band Lordi announced seven new records, all of which they plan to release in October.

However, after their 2020 ‘Killectour’ was cancelled because of COVID, it’s not that the 2006 Eurovision winners just kept knocking out tracks during lockdown until they suddenly realised they had recorded enough material for seven new albums. No, this is all part of a plan to expand on the concept of the band’s 2020 album ‘Killection’ – a ‘fictional compilation’ imagining that the band had formed in the early 70s, rather than the early 90s.

Band leader Mr Lordi has provided a full explanation. An incredibly convoluted explanation. “Within a week when the ‘Killectour’ was cut short in March 2020, I realised we’re gonna have to use the sudden extra time somehow”, he says. “It was clear that it is the time to start planning the new album, even though ‘Killection’ was released not even two months before”.

“I was thinking that the most boring thing we could do after ‘Killection’ is to do another basic Lordi album”, he continues. “And I was very much enjoying the different styles of songwriting, recording and production on ‘Killection’, but another boring idea would have been to do a part two”.

“Since ‘Killection’ is a fictional compilation album from a fictional back catalogue that doesn’t exist, I got the idea that the only thing that could top that is to record and release that fictional back catalogue”, he goes on. “And [on] Halloween 2021 the fictional back catalogue will be no longer fictional, it actually will exist… at least for the most part. My original idea was to release ten albums, but the label said that is insane. But seven is a number they felt that is somewhat sane”.

So far Mr Lordi et al have completed recording on five of the new albums. Each is written in a different style, encapsulating a different, imagined era of the fictional version of the band.

It’s quite the lockdown venture. And, with a respectable catalogue of ten albums already in their repertoire, by the end of the year Lordi will have seventeen. Definitely enough to put together a real compilation.