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Love denies any firm plans for full Beach Boys reunion

By | Published on Wednesday 28 July 2010

I have a feeling there’ll be a lot of to-ing and fro-ing on this story. Beach Boy Mike Love has denied there are any firm plans for a full Beach Boys reunion – including three founder members Love, Al Jardine and Brian Wilson – to mark the band’s 50th anniversary next year.

As previously reported, US entertainment journalist Robin Leech claimed last month that Love had told him such a show was in the pipeline, but then Love himself issued a statement denying there were any plans for Brian Wilson to join him on a Beach Boys tour. Then last week Jardine himself said that at least one big anniversary show, involving him and Wilson, was in the pipeline, and that he was pushing for a full tour.

But while Love, who has continued to tour as The Beach Boys throughout his life, has not ruled out working with Jardine and Wilson again, he insists nothing has been planned as yet. He told Reuters: “There have been a lot of ideas floated, but nothing decided. So far it’s just conversation. There are no big plans yet – although there’s a lot of interest from a lot of people to see what would happen if we got together and did some new music and maybe did some shows. But so far nothing’s firm”.