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Mac DeMarco arrested mid-show after being mistaken for a troublemaker

By | Published on Monday 17 November 2014

Mac DeMarco

A Mac DeMarco show at the University Of Santa Barbara was cut short on Friday night after the musician was arrested on stage by police.

The 100 capacity gig apparently had an unusually high police and campus security presence, reports the Santa Barbara Independent. Earlier in the show, various people were escorted out of the venue for fighting, with one man arrested. Another woman was also charged with resisting arrest after being removed for “moshing”.

But the real disruption to the show came after DeMarco crowdsurfed across the venue and perched himself on beams in the ceiling. After coming down and making his way back to the stage, he was arrested and removed from the building. Which is always going to be a problem for a performance.

According to a police spokesperson, it was only when DeMarco was outside that they realised he was the night’s entertainment.

The musician later posted a photograph of his arrest to Instagram.