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Madonna is definitely working with Apple on something (or possibly not)

By | Published on Thursday 4 September 2014


Madonna is working with Apple, or so everyone seems to think. This news comes after someone noticed that if you say “unapologetic bitch” to Apple’s mobile voice assistant Siri, it brings up the singer’s Wikipedia page.

Yeah, yeah, that doesn’t sound like they’re working together. It sounds more like Apple has some sort of grudge against Madonna. Except that ‘Unapologetic Bitch’ is rumoured to be the title of her new single. And said new single is rumoured to sample Siri. So now it all makes sense.

Anyway, there’s this event to announce the new iPhone next week, and those things often have musical performances. It’s also thought that Apple might announce what it’s doing with the Beats Music streaming service at the same time. So let’s all assume that Madonna is going to premiere ‘Unapologetic Bitch’ at the event on 9 Sep and then make it available for exclusive streaming on Beats.

Either that or it’s just some quirk of how Siri conducts searches. Pick the one you think sounds more fun, I guess.