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Male X-Factor winners are like puppets, says puppet-like male X-Factor winner James Arthur

By | Published on Tuesday 11 March 2014

James Arthur

‘X-Factor’ has so far failed to find any male winners who are “believable”, says James Arthur. It’s not entirely clear if he’s including himself in that statement.

“The male winners that they’ve had, haven’t been that believable”, he told in Poland. “They look like puppets, they sound like puppets”.

He went on to say that he wasn’t “in love” with his debut album because too many people at his label, Syco, had got in the way of his art: “I have people telling me what I can and can’t do, what music I can make, what music I can’t make. People that aren’t artists don’t think about creativity and art, they think about money”.

Although, despite all that, he added that he thought the album was actually alright and represented his “art” well: “I don’t feel as though it sounds contrived or compromised, or overly produced or poppy or anything like that. I feel like there’s pop songs on there but they’re really – I hate using the word credible now – but they’re really authentic-sounding”.

Yeah, authentic is a way more credible word than credible. It adds real authenticity. You puppets.