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Mark E Smith’s family reveal cause of death

By | Published on Tuesday 13 February 2018

The Fall

Mark E Smith died from inoperable cancer, his family have revealed in a new statement. The Fall frontman died last month, aged 60.

“Mark fought a long and hard battle after his diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer”, say Smith’s three sisters – Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline – in a statement published on The Fall’s website. “He took every treatment going, which could be brutal at times and left Mark with some horrible side effects. Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice”.

They continue: “Mark had a great life and loved and lived it to the full and always by his own rules and we, as his sisters, were privileged to be part of it too. Mark is at peace now and pain free, but we, his three sisters have been left heartbroken and will miss our big brother very much”.

Smith was known to be struggling with health problems over the last year, which led to the cancellation of various tour dates.