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Mayfair residents “can’t be supportive” of Pete Doherty wandering around, making the place look messy

By | Published on Tuesday 29 April 2014

Pete Doherty

The people of Mayfair are unhappy. Yeah, I know, the people of Mayfair are always unhappy about something. But this time it’s important. This time someone who has taken drugs is coming to Mayfair. Imagine, someone with a drug habit in Mayfair. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

That person is Pete Doherty, who will be performing with his old band The Libertines in Hyde Park on 5 Jul. Anthony Lorenz, chairman of the Residents’ Society of Mayfair and St James’s, told The Independent: “We can’t be supportive of this show for obvious reasons. We’ve had meetings over the noise levels and volume controls from the Hyde Park concerts and they have been under control recently. But we can’t be supportive of this sort of individual”.

He added: “Together with the Ozzy Osbourne concert the day before, it’s the last thing we need in the middle of Mayfair”.

Yeah, there’ll be severed bat heads and discarded crack pipes everywhere. And who’s going to clean up all that mess?

Doherty himself was not on call to respond, but his bandmate Carl Barat was available, though he addressed the concerns about noise, which don’t actually seem to be an issue anymore, saying: “If people are concerned about noise they shouldn’t have moved to Hyde Park”.

He added: “It’s a tough time for bands to make a living. It’s messed up for musicians. City bankers and footballers earn hundreds of thousands a week but a show like this is a one-off. And we pay tax on it”.

Not everyone who lives in Mayfair is a city banker or footballer.