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MIA releases new song with Zayn Malik

By | Published on Friday 2 September 2016


MIA has aired another track from her upcoming new album ‘AIM’. This one, called ‘Freedun’, features that Zayn Malik who used to be one of the directions.

Speaking to Annie Mac on Radio 1, MIA said that she actually wrote the track “a long time ago”, but she was always reluctant to release it because it sounded “too mainstream”. But when Malik was suggested as a collaborator it seemed “perfect”.

“It was always sort of like too mainstream sounding for me”, she said. “And it just seems like it’s perfect to have that – if I was going to have a collaboration and have someone like Zayn, this is like the perfect song. You know, it sort of takes me out of my comfort zone, but kind of takes him out of his a little bit as well”.

Listen to the track and the full interview here:

‘AIM’ is out next week.