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“Michael’s sick” said manager to doc: Murray trial update

By | Published on Thursday 6 October 2011

Conrad Murray

The main event in yesterday’s proceedings at the ongoing Conrad Murray trial was the testimony of Stephen Marx, a forensic expert who had retrieved voicemails, messages and screen grabs from the accused doctor’s iPhone.

Murray, of course, is accused of causing the death of Michael Jackson by negligently administering the drug propofol. Marx’s work showed that Murray had been sending and reading emails via his phone on the morning of Jackson’s death. Some of the correspondence related to the singer’s health, possibly because the promoters of the late king of pop’s fated London residency, AEG Live, had asked for medical records required by an insurance firm. The emails showed various aliases used by Jackson, and also listed some of the drugs he was taking, though propofol was not mentioned.

As previously reported, a lawyer working for AEG Live and liaising with the promoter’s insurers previously testified that Murray told her shortly before Jackson’s death that the singer was in good health. But a voicemail message found by Marx seemed to contradict that. Left just five days before the singer’s demise, Jackson’s then manager, Frank DiLeo, says: “I’m sure you’re aware [Michael] had an episode last night. He’s sick. I think you need to get a blood test on him. We gotta see what [drugs] he’s doing”.

It isn’t especially clear what DiLeo meant by “episode”, and specific details of the incident may never be known because the former manager died in August. But the message certainly seems to contradict what Murray was telling his employers about Jackson at the time.

The case continues.

In related news, it’s been reported that Jackson’s three children have perhaps unsurprisingly chosen to steer clear of coverage of the case, finding it all too upsetting. It was thought eldest son Prince may be called to testify for the prosecution, and while he had told family members he’d rather not take to the witness stand, he’d added he would if it was required. However, insiders now say the prosecution are likely to not call Prince, believing they already have the upper hand with their existing testimonies. Although a potential prosecution witness, it was thought Prince might have revealed his late father’s admiration for his doctor, which could have actually swung things more in Murray’s favour.

While other members of the Jackson clan are watching the proceedings more closely, many left LA earlier this week to join Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson for the first performances of the new MJ-themed show from Cirque du Soleil, which premiered in Montreal.