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Mike Batt steps down as BPI Deputy Chairman

By | Published on Tuesday 10 November 2015


UK record industry trade group the BPI has announced that Mike Batt is standing down as its Deputy Chairman. He has important wombling to attend to. Yeah, OK, I bet he finds jokes like that supremely annoying in 2015. And anyway, he actually wants to spend more time on his expanding Dramatico Group business. Which handles all the musical activity of The Wombles. So come to think of it, what I said first time was technically true.

In a statement, Batt said: “I have so much enjoyed working with [BPI CEO] Geoff [Taylor], [Chairman] Ged [Doherty], and before him, Tony Wadsworth and the rest of the Council. I have happy memories of cheerful council meetings conducted with seriousness of purpose and strong camaraderie at a time when majors and indies have been facing sometimes similar, sometimes different challenges”.

He continued: “However, I feel my time on the Council has come to a natural end; I still have so many personal artistic goals in music, TV and other media IP areas that I am no longer able to give the role the commitment it needs. I’ll miss my friends at the BPI including a wonderful collection of strong and supportive personalities in the Secretariat. By stepping down, I also automatically relinquish my seat at UK Music, but as a writer and artist I also feel a natural bond with publishers, managers and all other stakeholders in helping to maintain and grow a healthy music industry”.

BPI big cheese Geoff Taylor added: “It has been a true pleasure working alongside Mike for all these years. At every stage he has championed the wider interests of the business, and we will miss his unique perspective as an artist, manager, publisher and label boss. His support and guidance has contributed enormously to the Council’s work and has also meant a great deal to me personally. We are grateful for all Mike’s efforts and wish him well in his future endeavours”.

It has not been announced who will replace Batt, but someone will, don’t you fear.