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Milwaukee official apologises for using Cardi B’s WAP to promote home insulation offer

By | Published on Monday 2 November 2020

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

A local government official in Milwaukee has apologised after using a still from the promo video for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s track ‘WAP’ to promote the Weatherization Assistance Program in the state of Wisconsin. Apparently some people felt that linking that programme to the acclaimed though, in some quarters, slightly controversial song wasn’t appropriate.

The Wisconsin WAP “provides energy conservation services in eligible households to help reduce home energy costs and save energy”.

In a Facebook post, County Supervisor Ryan Clancy promoted this with a photo of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion while adapting a line from their track to, “there’s some holes in this house”. The joke did not receive the reception he’d hoped for though, and he later amended his post, stressing that the pop song addition was his doing, and nothing to do the team behind the energy conservation project itself.

Apologising for adding the photo to his original post, he wrote: “My original sharing of this press release contained an image which did not accompany the original text. My embellishment of that press release was meant to draw attention to both this excellent programme and to a song which has at its core a message about empowerment, reclaiming and destigmatisation. It landed badly”.

“I’m deeply sorry that this added burdens of time and emotion to the exceptional staff that run this programme”, he added. “And I hope that nobody has mistaken my conduct for theirs”.

Speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he added: “It’s one thing to make a pop reference and try to be cheeky about things. I was gutted that my attempt to do something good ended up hurting people. I’ll certainly proceed more carefully with something like that in the future”.