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Mixcloud launches new look for tenth anniversary

By | Published on Wednesday 19 February 2020

Mixcloud (DO NOT use before 10am, 18 Feb 2020)

Audio-sharing platform Mixcloud is celebrating its tenth birthday by launching a new visual identity and stating its mission for the next decade, which is to help build a “more sustainable future for online music”. So, quite an ambitious mission then.

“We started Mixcloud to solve a simple problem”, says co-founder Nico Periz, “to help DJs, radio stations, festivals and labels connect with listeners, fairly and legally. Our purpose has always been to amplify culture and community”.

He adds: “A decade on, we believe streaming platforms can do much more to help creators make a living from their work. We’re heading into 2020 with a refreshed brand and a refined mission: to supercharge the relationship between audio creators and their biggest fans, so that they can keep creating, distributing and amplifying their art sustainably”.

In the last couple of years, of course, Mixcloud has ramped up the subscriptions side of its platform with a product called Select, as well as launching an in-house marketing agency seeking to encourage more brands to support creators on its platform.

And while subscriptions and ad sales are the standard revenue streams for the wider online music sector, Mixcloud has a different model to the Spotifys of this world which, it reckons, can better help artists with the all-important direct-to-fan relationship.

In his tenth anniversary statement, the firm’s other co-founder, Nikhil Shah, noted: “Platforms like Patreon, Twitch and Kickstarter have paved the way for a creator-centric, fan-funded approach to online culture. We’ve taken a major step in their direction, and away from the algorithm-heavy streaming services. A year on from launching Select, it’s great to see it grow from a disruptive idea in the music industry to a subscription service that’s generating hundreds of thousands in revenue a year for artists and creators, and counting – funded directly from fans who want to support the culture”.

So, it’s an audio-sharing creator-support direct-to-fan revolution. Plus, new logo! Woo!