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Modern Sky builds studio complex to entice British producers to China

By | Published on Friday 11 May 2018

Modern Sky UK

Chinese music company Modern Sky Entertainment has set up a new studio complex in Beijing, with the aim of tempting British producers out to use it and work with domestic artists.

Modern Sky already has interests in the UK, starting when it took a stake in Liverpool showcase festival Sound City in 2016. The company’s UK office is also headed up by Sound City founder Dave Pichilingi.

The new studio complex features four recording rooms and three control rooms. It also uses the same systems available in Abbey Road, AIR and Capitol Studios, ensuring the experienced producers will already be familiar with the tech on offer.

The get things moving, Modern Sky has partnered with management company Stephen Budd Music to tap into its roster of award-winning producers. They will be assisted by the in-house recording team of Chen Dong, Wang Haichen and Zang Lu.

“We are delighted to be cooperating with an innovative music company like Modern Sky”, says Stephen Budd. “They have an important influence in China and the international market. I am looking forward to the next step of my work career”.

Pichilingi adds: “The UK has some of the best music producers in the world, and this partnership between Modern Sky and Stephen Budd Music is the latest example of Modern Sky combining its reputation and influence in China with talent from leading western markets. The collaboration, alongside its label branches in the UK and US, bolsters Modern Sky’s truly international outlook”.

Pragmatic but optimistic, Modern Sky founder Lihui Shen says: “If you look at the studio from a static point, this may not seem like a rational investment. But, looking to the future, we see this as the most fundamental aspect of the modern entertainment industry. As our lives get faster, it’s important that we remember to slow down and return to the content itself to ensure its quality”.

We’ll be discussing the present state of the Chinese music industry and opportunities for British talent and businesses there at CMU Insights’ China Conference at The Great Escape next Friday, in association with BPI. Included among the speakers is Modern Sky label manager Sam Caunce, who will discuss the prolific live side of the company’s business.