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Mojo covermount CDs stranded in Europe due to Brexit

By | Published on Monday 18 January 2021


This month’s Mojo magazine has been delayed as its covermount CDs are stranded in mainland Europe due to new post-Brexit trade rules. Stranded in 1997, more like! But seriously, Brexit is bullshit.

In an email to subscribers on Friday, Mojo explained that “the CDs, which are produced in the EU, are not yet in the UK”.

It is not clear when the CDs might arrive and be paired up with physical copies of the magazine. However, in the meantime, subscribers are being offered early access to the digital edition of this month’s issue.

Of course, Mojo’s covermounts are not the only delivery to fall foul of new rules that have come into force following the UK’s exiting from the EU, despite a trade deal having been agreed at the last minute. Many businesses have found importing to and exporting from Europe challenging due to those recent rule changes.

A few audiophiles having to wait for a free CD is possibly not as bad as the Scottish fishing industry collapsing. Still, it highlights the failure of the British government to deliver anything close to what was promised to Brexit supporting voters.