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More on Fortune INXS thing

By | Published on Friday 27 February 2009

Aussie website Undercover has added an extra aside to the ‘JD Fortune was sacked from INXS’ story.

As previously reported, Fortune, who won the frontman role in the Aussie band through the ‘Rock Star’ TV show, claimed he was sacked at Hong Kong airport at the end of the their last world tour. But a sort of spokesman for the band (former manager, who has seemingly signed them to his new label), says they have no knowledge of the sacking.

But according to Undercover, the contract Fortune ‘won’ on the Rock Star show only covered one album and tour with the band, no more no less. So, in that respect, Fortune couldn’t be sacked from the band because his contract with them was up anyway.

Fortune may, of course, have been hoping or expecting more, but when the band said “goodbye” at Hong Kong airport in the way they did, they may have been merely referencing the fact he was at the end of his contract.