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Morrissey has fans searched for meat, ejects fansite owner

By | Published on Thursday 14 July 2011


According to The Mirror, so fearful is Morrissey that non-vegetarians might turn up at his shows, he’s now having them searched for meat before they enter venues. Or at least, that’s seemingly what happened at his recent show in Middlesborough.

Moz lover Mel Stokes told the tabloid: “As you went into the venue you were funnelled through to the top of some steps where they were carrying out searches. A member of the security staff then went through my bag and told me that they were checking to make sure that I was not carrying any meat products inside”.

Omnivorous people do tend to have such an insatiable appetite for meat that they have to have some about their person at all times, but Stokes also noted: “I know that a few years ago Morrissey stopped a gig because someone was throwing sausages at him. [But] I think [this] was just Morrissey being a diva – again”.

Meanwhile, in Denmark on Monday, it seems Morrissey had the owner of a fansite ejected from his show in Copenhagen before it even started. The singer and his band recently performed an encore in Bradford wearing t-shirts bearing the slogan “Fuck”, and when David Tseng, owner of the online forum, turned up at the Copenhagen show, he wasn’t given a warm welcome.

Tseng wrote afterwards: “It’s true, I was ejected before the show started by several of Morrissey’s security/crew. They didn’t give a reason other than ‘you know what you did’ which I assume is running this website. I went to get a refund at the ticket office but the Live Nation promoter denied it saying I had to take it up with the band”.

So, that’s fun. Let’s just remember that Morrissey was bitten by a dog recently, so things do balance out in the long run.