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Morrissey has written a new album, which one of you is going to distribute it?

By | Published on Wednesday 17 August 2016


Morrissey has written a new album, but fairly unsurprisingly can’t find a label to release it. He’s resigned himself to self-releasing, but still needs a distribution deal, which he also does not currently have. I’m sure he’s open to offers though.

Speaking to Walla, the singer said: “The new album is already written, but I need to find a distribution contract. It is impossible to find a record deal, so we’re going to record the album ourselves once we find someone who could distribute it and make it accessible worldwide”.

As you might remember, Morrissey’s last album, ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’, was withdrawn from sale when he fell out with Universal’s Harvest so badly that the label cancelled the licensing deal it had with him three weeks after it was released. Moz went out looking for a new label to release the record, but none was found. Last September, he finally accepted that this situation was likely to be permanent, at least in the UK.

This is not because Morrissey is an utter nightmare to work with, mind. No, he explains: “There was a time when the music industry … served the artist, but now the artist serves the music industry. That’s why it’s all so pointless”.

So that’s you told.