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MOS’s website down as their lawyers go to the P2P courts

By | Published on Monday 4 October 2010

So, no surprises here then, the websites of both Ministry Of Sound and its lawyers Gallant & Macmillan are down as we write this report after they were named as the latest targets of a so called Distributed Denial Of Service attack by the pro-file-sharing community.

As previously reported, pro-file-sharing types in the 4chan community have been encouraging their users to do some DDoSing against those organisations who are involved in efforts to stop illegal file-sharing. US trade bodies like the Recording Industry Association Of America were among the first to be targeted, and then late last month London based file-sharing litigation specialists ACS:Law were hit, with hilarious consequences.

Ministry is a target because earlier this summer the company announced it was breaking rank with the rest of the UK record industry, which has generally shunned sue-the-fan litigation since 2006, and would be suing those it suspected of prolifically accessing music released on their record label via illegal online sources.

The label hired Gallant & Macmillan to pursue the litigation, and is due to go to court today to try to force ISPs to hand over the identities of those suspected of file-sharing, hence the timing of the DDoS attack. One assumes neither MOS nor Gallant & Macmillan would be stupid enough to publish private data relating to the accused while getting their sites back online, as ACS:Law did, though until they go to court today they don’t actually have any such data to publish anyway.