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MPG welcomes new PPL form for producers

By | Published on Friday 20 July 2012


The Music Producers Guild has welcomed a new form launched by recording rights collecting society PPL which makes it easier for studio producers to register their involvement in sound recordings, which is important for ascertaining any neighbouring rights a producer may be due, which in the UK mainly means a share of public performance royalties oblivious of contractual agreements. The MPG, which was consulted alongside other industry trade groups by PPL, says the new ‘Eligible Studio Producers Form’ should overcome some past issues.

MPG boss Steve Levine told CMU: “The MPG has been working very closely with PPL and members of the PPL Performer Board and PPL main board, to formulate a method by which studio music producers can confidently and properly claim for their share of all the income streams deriving from the public performance of the sound recordings that they produce and contribute to”.

He continued: “There have been recent examples of major artists querying the rights of the studio music producer to receive this equitable remuneration on previous, often legacy, sound recordings they worked on. These have been dealt with by PPL on a case-by-case basis, as very often there is little or no documentation, and the memory of events and the original sessions can change over time. This has resulted in substantial additional administration time and costs for PPL and in some cases lengthy and acrimonious disputes between producers, artists and their managers”.

He concluded: “This situation could not continue and I am really pleased that PPL has taken steps to clarify exactly how a studio music producer can qualify”.

There is more information about the new form at