MUZU announces music video app for new Windows OS

By | Published on Thursday 11 October 2012


Dublin-based music video platform MUZU.TV has announced it is launching a new application for use on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, that will offer an alterative way for PC users to access the firm’s music video catalogue (other than via the web). MUZU already has a relationship with Microsoft via its music video app for the Xbox.

MUZU boss and co-founder Ciaran Bollard told CMU: “Developing one of the first music video applications on Windows 8 gives MUZU.TV a unique opportunity to take advantage of [the operating system’s] huge scale and reach. Our goal is to provide our users with access to the best music video service and experience wherever and whenever they choose”.

Meanwhile Microsoft’s Caroline Phillips added: “MUZU is a really exciting application for Windows 8. It demonstrates the potential and opportunities that Windows 8 presents for developers to create the next generation of applications across multiple devices”.