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Myspace claims large increases in audience and artist accounts

By | Published on Thursday 3 October 2013


Myspace has issued new stats about use of the revamped social network, looking at its first 90 days out of beta. The report says that in the first two weeks after it officially launched its totally new platform in June, audience figures (which presumably means registered users, though that’s not clear) grew from 24 million to 31 million, rising to 36 million as of now. Which are biggish numbers, though it does seem to mean that twice as many people signed up during the beta period than after the massive US advertising campaign that surrounded the official launch.

The company also claims that it has seen a 340% increase in the number of artists who have accounts on the new Myspace website. How many artists that adds up to isn’t clear, given the new site started from zero, and if only ten had signed up in beta, that would mean 34 sign-ups since launch. Plus, of course, even if the figures are much higher than that, a lot of those artists, and individual users, who signed up possibly did so out of curiosity. It would be very interesting to know how many people are logging on daily.

But whatever, perhaps this is a sign that Myspace is starting its revival, in the US at least. And the firm’s creative advisor Justin Timberlake’s is still using the site regularly though, which is nice. Even if he does mostly post particularly unengaging updates about his new album. A grand total of six people were interested enough to comment on his invitation to listen to ‘The 20/20 Experience Part 2’ (on iTunes Radio, rather than Myspace).