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N-Dubz to split in two years

By | Published on Tuesday 13 September 2011


Well, here’s an unusual way of doing things. Dappy has confirmed rumours that N-Dubz are to split, though says it won’t happen for at least eighteen months.

He is quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying: “The band is definitely going to quiet down for the next year and a half to two years. We may release some stuff every six months but it will definitely be quieter. Then at the end of that period, we will do a ‘Greatest Hits’ or ‘Best Of N-Dubz’. Then that’ll be it: finished”.

As previously reported, N-Dubz were recently dropped by Universal’s Def Jam after their US launch didn’t go as well as expected. Well, it didn’t go as well as LA Reid, the then Def Jam chief who signed them, expected. I’m not sure anyone else expected them to translate to America in any way at all.