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Navigate and understand the music business with CMU Trends

By | Published on Wednesday 1 April 2020

CMU Trends PDFs

CMU exists to help you navigate and understand the music business. And you thought it was all about the pop puns, snarky remarks and videos of Justin Bieber walking into doors. Oh, and all that THRILLED nonsense.

But no, really we are here to help you navigate and understand the music business. Which is where CMU Trends comes in – our series of guides and reports that explain the inner workings of the music industry, helping you get to grips with the legalities, the conventions, the processes and the changes.

Recently relaunched, the CMU Trends library already includes guides on music rights, music piracy, digital dollars, music marketing, press releases and sync. And this month we’ll add brand new guides on copyright jargon, secondary ticketing, the streaming market and catalogue marketing.

You can now buy these guides as PDF downloads in the CMU Shop. But if you become a premium CMU subscriber you can access them all for free – as well as the weekly CMU Digest and discounts on the CMU Insights seminars and masterclasses.

To go premium for just £5 a month click here. And check out all the current CMU Trends guides here.