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Neil Young’s Pono player pre-orders begin this week

By | Published on Tuesday 11 March 2014


Details of Neil Young’s unwieldy digital music player and accompanying high quality music service, Pono, have been announced. The player will sell for $399, with discounted pre-orders opening on Kickstarter today. It will also sell, along with recommended headphones and compatible music downloads, at

CEO of PonoMusic, John Hamm (note the ‘h’, it’s not Don Draper) said of the launch: “Our goal was to offer the highest quality digital music available from all the major labels with the world’s greatest sounding, user-friendly portable music player. We’ve achieved our goal and we are excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign to invite music lovers everywhere to join the PonoMusic community and reserve a PonoPlayer for their own enjoyment”.

The player was designed with audio firm Ayre Acoustics, whose CEO Charlie Hansen added: “We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of this project. We will always be grateful to Neil Young for changing the landscape of recorded music”.

The player comes with a 128gb hard drive. Users can also use memory cards with the player to store playlists and additional digital music.

No news yet on whether a clothing line featuring special pockets that will actually hold the triangular player is in the offing.