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New Adele album clips accidentally leaked

By | Published on Wednesday 18 November 2015


Sometimes when you’re putting stuff on the internet, you accidentally put up something you shouldn’t. A slip of the finger and suddenly something’s be made available a few days sooner than intended. Sometimes you notice straight away and take it down before anyone else sees it. Sometimes you don’t. But of all the things in the world, one thing you definitely don’t want to accidentally put up in this way is the new Adele album. Fucking hell, anything but that.

So pray a moment of silence and deepest sympathy for online music store Juno this morning, for whom the worst happened last night. When putting the product page for new Adele record ’25’ live, two minute clips of every song on the album were also uploaded. The files were removed after the matter was brought to the retailer’s attention. Though unfortunately, the matter was brought to the retailer’s attention by a great many people who had already noticed.

As word of the Juno leak spread, it was also rumoured that Target in the US had begun selling CDs of the album early, but this was apparently a hoax. So at least there’s that.

Anyway, please make sure you wait until New Music Friday(s) to listen to ’25’ in an appropriate manner. What fun are two minute clips anyway? Here, watch this video of Adele singing a live studio version of a whole song, ‘When We Were Young’: