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New Busted reunion rumour – wooooooooooo

By | Published on Wednesday 5 May 2010

In our continued effort to have every single probably untrue Busted reunion rumour in our news archive, here’s the latest round of stuff said to The Sun by someone who has no name. This time, the news is that, with Charlie Simpson point blank refusing to join in any reunion fun, his former Busted bandmates Matt Willis and James Bourne are now planning to launch a reality TV show to replace him.

An unnamed source told The Sun: “Matt and James are determined to get the band together but have realised there is no way to change Charlie’s mind.So instead, they are planning a reality TV show. It will be a documentary following them up and down the UK in their search for a third man. The series will then climax with a live arena event, which fans will be able to buy tickets for. If the show sparks enough interest they’ll take themselves out on a wider UK tour”.

To be honest, I’d rather see James Bourne’s musical based on Son Of Dork’s ‘Welcome To Loserville’ album finally move to the West End where it surely belongs. Just look at this video: