New Daft Punk album previewing on iTunes

By | Published on Tuesday 14 May 2013

Daft Punk

So, that there new Daft Punk album is streaming on iTunes, after a select few were treated to one of those old-fashioned playback parties last night, albeit in the not-at-all old-fashioned environ of the top of London’s glassy Shard. So go preview if you want.

You don’t have to. You could instead watch Chilly Gonzales talking about his involvement on ‘Random Access Memories’, which is a very interesting little video, even if you’re not joining in with the ‘Daft Punk are gods, this album is a true moment in musical history’ party.

Or just watch an astronaut singing ‘Space Oddity’ on the International Space Station. Or get all excited about the new ‘Arrested Development’ trailer. These are some random things to access in order to gain new memories.