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New markets under the spotlight at Great Escape

By | Published on Friday 10 May 2013


With thousands of music business people from all over the world due to arrive in Brighton next week for this year’s Great Escape, let’s share some details about the internationally themed events happening within the CMU-programmed TGE convention this year.

Three sessions in particular will focus on taking new talent into new markets. On Thursday at 2.15pm the spotlight will fall on Live Opportunities In Emerging Markets, with representatives from China, India, South Africa and Poland discussing the challenges and opportunities for taking new talent into these regions, and the partnerships that can be struck up to help make things happen.

After the panel, there will be a screening of a new documentary that reveals what happened when the British Council took four British bands into the outer reaches of China, with the assistance of Split Works, for the UK Now festival last year. Archie Hamilton from Split Works will also be on hand to discuss the project, and the ins and outs of touring British bands in China.

On Friday as part of TGE’s Focus on Music Marketing, there will be two sessions looking at building profile and engaging media in new markets, the latter presented in association with PPL. As artists look to make their great escape into new territories, how do you build profile? What influences key opinion formers? How does new talent marketing differ from country to country? And how do the music media operate in each of these regions, and how open are they to new international talent? Experts from Australia, Japan, the US and Poland will be sharing.

In addition to the panels, there are numerous region-specific showcases, parties and networking session during TGE this year, and, of course, a particular focus on the Polish music industry, Poland being the featured country for this year’s event. Delegates will be able to meet representatives from the Polish music business at the Polish Party (Thursday), the Meet The Polish networking session (Friday) and the Don’t Panic We’re From Poland showcase (Saturday).