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New Rihanna single drops, ‘Home’-based concept album incoming

By | Published on Wednesday 25 February 2015


Rihanna has only gone and premiered another brand new track! Though this one, ‘Towards The Sun’, has been made for the soundtrack of that new animated movie from Dreamworks called ‘Home’, in which the singer voices a key character called Tip.

And if you like ‘Towards The Sun’, well, as previously reported, Rihanna has made an entire concept album to go with the cartoon flick, and just imagine how great/awful/inspired that must be. You can delete that sentence as applicable if you like.

All of this, by the way, has nothing to do with Rihanna’s eighth studio album on which will appear ‘FourFiveSeconds’, that Kanye and Macca featuring track you loved/hated/were entirely indifferent too because, hello, we’re at war. You can do some more applicable deleting there.