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Nickelback man told to pay ex $25,000 a month

By | Published on Thursday 26 May 2011


Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has been ordered to pay his former partner $25,000 a month in a preliminary hearing ahead of a court battle to decide how the former couple – who weren’t formerly married, but are being treated as common law spouses under Canadian law – should split up their possessions and property.

A judge said that although $25,000 was a high figure, Kroeger and Marianna Goriuk had lived an extravagant life during their six years as a couple, and compared to that it was a relatively modest sum.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie wrote in her decision, “The parties’ lifestyle was extravagant. According to [Goriuk], they spent unlimited amounts to improve their properties. They ordered expensive food and wine, took private jets to Mexico and other places, hired helicopters at the last minute to fly into Vancouver for the evening and travelled in limousines… It is important to note that need is relative, and $25,000 is likely much below the status quo in this case”.

The full case to decide how the couple’s stuff should be divided will take place on 15 Aug.