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Nicola Roberts in studio with DJ Fresh

By | Published on Wednesday 15 August 2012

Nicola Roberts

Talking of that there girl group, and contrary to DJ Fresh’s misleading recent comment that he’d been in the studio with all five Girls Aloud girls, recording towards a band project, it’s apparently just Nicola Roberts who’s enlisted Fresh to make what may or may not be the sequel to her debut LP ‘Cindarella’s Eyes’.

So yeah, sorry to disappoint, it’s just Nicola. And DJ Fresh. Not Cheryl, or Kimberley, or whoever your favourite Girl Aloud is. Unless your fave is Nicola, in which case, you’ll be pleased to note this confirmation from her solo press reps Supersonic PR. I mean, Fresh’s quote did seem to imply that it was Girls Aloud the group he’d been collaborating with, but who is he (or indeed, am I), to argue with a PR’s say-so.