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Nicole Scherzinger leaves X-Factor, signs with RCA

By | Published on Thursday 20 February 2014

Nicole Scherzinger

Despite bailing on Syco’s sinking ship (well, slightly slipping, but ships don’t slip) ‘X-Factor’, Nicole Scherzinger has nevertheless remained friends with the wider Sony Music family, signing a sweet new deal with the major’s RCA label.

Confirming both via Twitter (actually on Valentine’s Day), Syco/’X-Factor’ tyrant and “squiddly diddly” first-time dad Si-Co said: “Nicole will always be a part of the ‘X-Factor’ family. Now signed to Sony as an artist. Thank you Nicole for everything”.

Sticking with the nice ‘family’ vibe, RCA President Colin Barlow added this week: “We are delighted that Nicole has joined the Sony family. She truly is one of the greatest singers in the world and we are very excited by the record she is currently making”.

Scherzy will bless her admirers (wherever they may be) with a new solo LP, her first since 2011’s ‘Killer Love’, later this year.