Nirvana fans shown original Sub Pop contract; longer Heart Shaped Box vid

By | Published on Thursday 22 August 2013


As that 20th anniversary ‘In Utero’ re-release nears its due-date, various Nirvana-based bits n bobs have been appearing online, not least an extended ‘Heart Shaped Box’ video and a copy of the band’s original Sub Pop contract circa 1989.

The latter, shared by the label yesterday, binds Cobain and co into a two year, three LP agreement (neither of which came to be in the end, since DGC famously bought them out of their contract after the release of debut album ‘Bleach’), this in exchange for $600 in the first year.

Aware they made quite the steal, Sub Pop writes: “Six hundred bucks well spent – not that we had it at the time”.

I’ll say. Anyway, to that alternative ‘Heart Shaped Box’ vid, aka Anton Corbijn’s director’s cut, which will make up part of the massive ‘In Utero’ reissue package, as also features a never-yet-heard track by the band, aptly titled ‘Forgotten Tune’