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Noel Edmonds launches anti-Lloyds Bank radio station

By | Published on Wednesday 7 February 2018

Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds has launched a new radio station exclusively dedicated to his ongoing dispute with Lloyds Bank. Positively Noel – billed as the station that “tells you the TRUTH about Lloyds Liars” – breaks up bank-related chat with songs such as ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd and ‘Money Money Money’ by Abba.

Last month, Edmonds secured the backing of a company called Therium, which helps fund lawsuits and then takes a portion of the damages if successful. That backing allows Edmonds to proceed with legal action against Lloyds Banking Group.

The TV personality and broadcaster fell victim to a scam by staff at the Reading branch of HBOS over a decade ago. HBOS was subsequently acquired by Lloyds, and Edmonds has been embroiled in a long-running dispute with the banking group over the extent to which the HBOS scam impacted on his business interests. Edmonds is seeking £60 million in compensation.

On the new internet radio station, Edmonds provides information about his own case, as well as the stories of other victims of the HBOS scam, and invites Lloyds staff to call a whistleblowing hotline. He also calls former Lloyds chair Victor Blank “either a liar or a shit banker” and demands: “Victor, give back your knighthood, or do we rip if from you like Fred The Shred?”

It’s an unusual concept for a radio station, to say the least, and something of a departure from the other stations operated by Edmonds’ Positivity Radio company, which promise to promote “a more positive approach to life and living”.

Lloyds disputes Edmonds’ compensation claim, with a spokesperson last month saying that the organisation had “made determined efforts to reach a consensual resolution with Mr Edmonds through mediation late last year, but this was not possible”.

Edmonds said that compensation offered during those talks was “derisory”.

Listen to Positively Noel here.