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Omnifone to power Neil Young’s Pono download service

By | Published on Tuesday 15 July 2014


The silly people who gave Neil Young $6 million to get his silly high quality audio Pono business up and running will no doubt be pleased to learn that he’s only just worked out how he’s going to delivery that high quality audio to them.

The PonoMusic store will be powered by Omnifone’s MusicStation, selling idiots high quality audio files which they can then pretend sound different to normal files through their shitty headphones. With the deal in place, idiots in the UK, US and Canada will be able to get access to MusicStation’s 35 million track catalogue via Pono before the end of this year. Lucky idiots.

Someone pretended that Neil Young said this about it: “Omnifone shares the same passion for high resolution audio as we do at Pono. We are committed to bringing the original recording sound quality from the studio to the PonoPlayer, and Omnifone is a key partner in making this a reality”.

Omnifone’s co-founder Phil Sant added: “PonoMusic is the perfect partner for Omnifone to debut its high resolution audio cloud delivery capabilities. The Pono team has done an incredible job with the PonoPlayer, the attention to detail and the quality of audio engineering delivers a sound which is utterly spellbinding. What the Pono team is trying to achieve is close to our hearts”.

He added: “Omnifone is providing the scalable music acquisition and delivery infrastructure but we are also working on some funky stuff such as techniques to verify the provenance of the audio and its end-to-end signal path from the studio to the listener via the cloud”.

Sounds funky. Enjoy it, idiots.