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One Liners: Asylum Records, Radio 1, Metallica, more

By | Published on Friday 12 July 2019

Warner Music


Warner Music in the US has hired Wayne ‘Wayno’ Clark to head up A&R for its Asylum Records label. “Wayno is an authority in the hip hop community, having spent years climbing the ranks and working with some of the biggest names in the space”, says Asylum GM Gabrielle Peluso. “I’m THRILLED to welcome Wayno into the family”.



Radio 1 launches a new chart-based show this Sunday in what – for old people who don’t listen to Radio 1 anymore – is the “classic” chart show slot. ‘The Official Chart: First Look’ will run through the stats already gathered in the new chart week, ie since new releases went live on Friday. The station’s main chart show will continue to go out on Friday afternoons.



Metallica are publishing a children’s book, because everyone has a children’s book now. Just fucking let children’s authors have a go and fuck off with your celebrity children’s books. This one looks properly shit too. Stop trying to force your tastes on your children, parents. You’re all to blame for this. Is this a good time to add that profits from this book will go to charity?

Devendra Banhart has released new single ‘Abre Las Manos’, taken from upcoming new album ‘Ma’.

Banks has released new single ‘Contaminated’, taken from her new album ‘III’, which is out today. “‘Contaminated’ is about being addicted to a toxic relationship”, she says. “The more you give, the less of yourself you become”.

Phoebe Ryan has released new single ‘Build Me Up’. “‘Build Me Up’ is about a friend I met on Tinder a few years ago”, she says. “He was my spirit animal from the start, and inspired me to feel good about life and living it to the fullest at a time when that wasn’t so easy for me. It’s a bop about friendship and wanting to feel good, what more could you ask for?” Well, that’s the killer question, isn’t it? Ice cream?

Maria Usbeck has released new single ‘Nostalgia’. “‘Nostalgia’ is about the moment when you slowly start realising that you miss everything that was around you at a certain point in life”, she says. “The music, the people, all of it. Feeling more and more out of touch with what’s currently popular”.



Mount Forel have announced a launch gig for their debut album ‘In The Dark’. In-keeping with the title of the record, everyone in the audience will be blindfolded for the duration of the performance. The show will take place at Walthamstow’s Grade II listed Mirth, Marvel And Maud building on 30 Jul. Tickets here.

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