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Pandora launches ad personalisation tools

By | Published on Friday 24 February 2017


Pandora has partnered with UK digital audio advertising company A Million Ads to provide targeted and personalised advertising to the US streaming service’s users. Imagine that, adverts on a streaming service that are relevant to you. And they said it couldn’t be done!

The deal provides tools to serve advertising based on gender, age and postcode, with additional variables including user location, time of day and weather. Ads can also be delivered sequentially, telling a ‘brand story’ over a number of ad spots, which A Million Ads reckons is more effective than just immediately running out and shouting, “Buy our stuff, you shits!” It apparently works much better if you go “hello!” – song – “you shits!” – song – “buy our stuff”. Let’s just hope no one is out of the room during the first two spots.

“This is a natural extension of the best-in-class personalisation we bring to the music listening experience on Pandora every day”, says the firm’s Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble. “Our massive data set, combined with A Million Ads’ ability to deliver tailored, data-driven audio creative in real-time, gives us yet another way to help advertisers unlock the power of audio”.

A Million Ads CEO Steve Dunlop adds: “As the industry leader, Pandora sets the bar for digital audio advertising and consistently offers marketers solutions that harness the power of music to effectively reach millions of consumers. Together, we will revolutionise what listeners experience from an ad-supported music streaming experience and deliver new dynamic and personalised ways to capture attention and drive ROI for advertisers”.

Concerned that the official press release had gone out without enough clich├ęs in it, Pandora’s VP Revenue Operations also got on the phone to Ad Week and screamed “PERSONALISATION IS IN OUR DNA” before dancing off into the sunset, pleased with a job done well.

Pandora has written a blog post about all of this, if that’s the sort of thing that gets you off.