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Pandora prepping artist messaging service

By | Published on Friday 17 July 2015


It looks like the next step in Pandora’s big ‘We’re Not Evil, Honest’ programme is coming together nicely, with the news – via Billboard – that the digital music firm has changed its terms and conditions to allow artists to reach subscribers directly via the streaming platform.

This is all part of Pandora’s plan to convince artists that, while it’s busy trying to cut its royalty commitments over here, it is actually a friend of the music community, by providing data and marketing tools built on the back of the personalised radio set-up.

It includes the promise to introduce ‘artist messaging’, which will enable artists to record short announcements plugging this thing or that, which will then be dropped into users’ personalised streams based on their artist preferences. It’s all part of the streaming firm’s previously reported Artist Management Platform, and the latest change to Pandora terms suggests the direct-to-fan messaging service could be going live soon.

Confirmation of the terms change has come in a tricky week for the Pandora company on Wall Street, with the firm’s share price taking a knock, mainly because of criticism in the media buying community over the streaming business’s recently refined ad-buying platform.