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Pandora revamps direct upload tool for DIY artists

By | Published on Thursday 22 August 2019


American streaming outfit Pandora has updated and expanded its Independent Artist Submissions tool, bringing it into its Artist Marketing Platform.

The tool for independent artists has existed for some time, with Pandora reckoning 44,000 artists have pushed 64,000 releases onto the streaming service via the set-up. Integrating it with AMP, which it has been steadily expanding since it was launched in 2014, means the upload facility will now sit alongside various other tools for artists to directly promote their music. This includes sending audio messages to fans and highlighting featured tracks.

Pandora also reckons that the updated submissions tool streamlines the whole process and increases the amount of music artists can submit. Says a press release: “The redesigned and enhanced new tool opens new possibilities for indie artists to grow their audience on Pandora and directly engage with their fans and find new ones, all while allowing for more submissions and reducing wait times”.

The expansion of this existing tool comes shortly after Spotify abandoned its plans to allow artists to upload music to its platform directly.

Although Spotify was vague about why it had decided not to put its pilot upload tool properly live, the decision came after a number of unauthorised releases reached the platform through third party distributors. And also with questions being asked about what safe harbour protections the streaming firm could rely on if such unofficial uploads were ever made through its own platform.

Pandora’s offering seems to place more limitations on direct uploads than Spotify’s would have. You’ll find more information on the new submissions tool here.