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Pat Collins moves to advisory Vice Chairman role at SESAC

By | Published on Friday 13 November 2015


Pat Collins, a long time exec at US rights organisation SESAC, is moving into a more advisory role with the company, becoming its Vice Chairman.

Collins became CEO of SESAC’s performing rights division last year, as the smaller of the American music publishing sector’s performing rights organisations ramped up its plans to expand into other areas of rights management, after appointing John Josephson as CEO of the overall company.

That expansion saw the acquisition of the Harry Fox Agency earlier this year, making SESAC the only collecting society type set-up in the US that manages both the performing and mechanical rights in songs.

Confirming his new role, Collins said yesterday: “My 20 plus years with SESAC have been enormously rewarding. Having added Rumblefish and the Harry Fox Agency to our portfolio, SESAC is well positioned to deliver services across multiple rights categories and to bring unprecedented efficiencies to the licensing, collection and distribution processes for music royalties. I look forward to this phase of my professional and personal plan unfolding and am most grateful and appreciative to my colleagues at SESAC for including me in their amazing story of success”.

Meanwhile Josephson added: “I am excited that Pat is taking on this new leadership position at SESAC. Pat’s ongoing role as Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor will allow him to contribute his many years of senior management experience and expansive knowledge of music licensing to inform and direct corporate goals and strategies for SESAC’s continued benefit”.

Collins’ new position comes alongside a wider executive rejig at SESAC, with various senior players – including Exec VPs Kelli Turner and Dennis Lord, plus HFA Associate General Counsel Christos Badavas – expanding their areas of remit.