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Single Review: Patrick Wolf – Vulture (Bandstocks)

By | Published on Monday 20 April 2009

Patrick Wolf

Ditching the rainbow-coloured sparkles and red hair, Patrick Wolf revisits his platinum-blond roots and returns, suitably back on form, with ‘Vulture’. Dark and hypnotic from the very first artificial beat, ‘Vulture’ is at once a restoration of old, ‘Lycanthropy’-era times, and an inculcation of throbbing, avant-garde robotic noise as supplied ever so kindly by Atari Teenage Riot alumn Alec Empire. The song is not just good – it’s bloody good. It is very fucking good. It’s ballsy, non-apologetic, and a straight up ‘fuck you’ to anyone who has questioned Wolf’s artistry. And that is, exactly, what ‘Vulture’ and any of Wolf’s material released before it, sets out to prove – that Patrick is, and always has been, an artist of the highest and most unique prominence in a world where everything else seems bland in comparison. Stripped down, raw, and laid out in black and white, ‘Vulture’ is a promise of an album that will yet again breathe life and soul into the world of music. Bravo, my darling. TW

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