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Paul Heaton reiterates David Cameron pub ban

By | Published on Thursday 21 November 2013

Paul Heaton

Paul Heaton reacted angrily yesterday after his former band The Housemartins were mentioned by David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House Of Commons.

Cameron was speaking about the announcement that Hull had been named UK City Of Culture for 2017, saying: “Of course in terms of popular music Hull has a fantastic record, I remember, some years ago that great Housemartins’ album which was ‘London 0 Hull 4′”.

Upon hearing the news, Heaton wrote on Twitter: “Well, apparently David Cameron likes ‘London 0 Hull 4’. Which part of the attack on his policies and rich friends did he like best? When I took over my pub [The Kings Arms] in Salford, the first people I barred was Cameron and Osborne. That ban still stands”.

Cameron is already famously banned from liking The Smiths by guitarist Johnny Marr, though banning him from a physical building is probably easier to enforce. Confirming that the ban was official, The Kings Arms’ Facebook page posted: “David Cameron you fucking imbecile. You might think The Housemartins are great but you are BARRED for life from The Kings Arms. SCUM”.

Heaton also uploaded a video of himself being interviewed by Sky News on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, which you can enjoy here: