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Paul Simon and Edie Brickell appear in court following domestic violence arrest

By | Published on Tuesday 29 April 2014

Paul Simon

Musicians and married couple Paul Simon and Edie Brickell appeared in court yesterday after being arrested at the weekend following what was described by police as a “family dispute”.

The couple appeared at the Norwalk Superior Court in Connecticut to argue that they were not a threat to each other and did not require a court-issued protection order. “The both of us are fine together,” Simon told the judge. “We’re going to go back home today. We’re going to go watch our son play baseball. We had an argument, and it’s atypical of us”.

At a press conference, police said that they had been called to intervene in an argument between Simon and Bickell on Saturday evening. Both acted aggressively, said New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski, and at least one of the two sustained minor injuries. One party also agreed to stay away from their home until the next day.

The judge yesterday agreed that there was no further threat of physical violence, and decided not to issue the protection order.

In a statement following the court hearing, Bickell said: “I got my feelings hurt, and I picked a fight with my husband. The police called it disorderly. Thank God it’s orderly now”.

They will appear in court again on 16 May.