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Perry pushes Tyler off stage

By | Published on Thursday 19 August 2010

Steven Tyler is starting to make a habit of falling off stage. Almost a year ago to the day (give or take a couple of weeks), the singer had to be airlifted to hospital after slipping off the edge just three songs into a set at a motorbike rally at the Buffalo Chip Campground in South Dakota. At the time the band were playing ‘Love In An Elevator’, though reports that Tyler was singing the “Living it up while I’m going down” line were never confirmed.

The following months were tense, as there was some debate as to whether or not Tyler was still a member of the band (a band meeting where they all had their lawyers present sorted that out), but now they’re back performing together again. Just last Thursday they were playing in Toronto, when Tyler became acquainted with ground six feet below the stage again. However, on this occasion, it seems he was pushed.

TMZ has published footage of guitarist Joe Perry bumping Tyler off the stage with his hip as the singer leant over towards the audience. It does seem to have been an accident, as Perry then dropped his guitar and helped security guards lift the singer back up to the stage. Or maybe that’s what he wanted everyone to think. Hmmmmm.

Afterwards, Tyler said, optimistically: “That won’t be happening again”.