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Pete Doherty makes blackmail claims over ‘private’ Kate Moss tapes

By | Published on Thursday 10 October 2013

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty says he is being blackmailed by a “friend” claiming to have private tapes featuring Doherty and his ex girlfriend Kate Moss, with whom he split in 2007. The slight problem is, he doesn’t remember what’s on the videos.

Writing via his blog, Letters To Albion, the one-time Libertine says: “Must find necessary funds to pay him off and retrieve all the footage he has of days at Kate’s house years ago. The shame of having to pay off a friend is not as great as the shame of having the tabloids get hold of any private stuff. It’s the one thing remaining that retains me any worth in their smutty eyes”.

And: “Terrible feeling. Curious too to know what he has after all these years of winding me up, baiting me with said ‘ticker-tape tapes'”.